Matsés Profile: Roberto, Matsés Elder & Shaman

ROBERTO TUMI NËCCA UNAN Roberto lives with his family in the Matsés village of Remoyacu. He is gregarious and has an infectious sense of humor. Meeting him one would never guess that as an infant he was captured, along with his mother and sister, from the Kulina tribe. Captive boys typically had a difficult time […] Continue reading »

Forgotten Tribes of the Amazon: Biopiracy & the Story of the Urueu-Wau-Wau

Many of us recognize some of the more famous tribes of the Amazon, such as the Yanomamö and Kayapó, have seen their images and heard their voices. This is the second in a series of posts by Acaté bringing to light a few of the dozens of unheralded tribes that have disappeared in the past […] Continue reading »

End Dirty Palm Oil

We’ve written about the impacts of palm oil on tropical rainforests before. Prior to palm oil, the Amazon Rainforest’s main threats were cattle ranchers and soy producers in Brazil as well as gold, timber, and oil extraction throughout the Amazon. The fallout of palm oil plantations have fallen hard on the rainforests of Southeast Asia. […] Continue reading »

Acaté’s Dr. David Fleck Interview with Mongabay

In an interview with noted conservation journalist Rhett A. Butler, Dr. David Fleck, Acaté’s Field Coordinator, talks about his history of living with the Matsés people in the deep Amazon rainforest. Fleck shares his perspective of life in the Amazon, its threats, and Acaté’s work. Originally posted here. Tribes in the Amazon are increasingly exposed […] Continue reading »