Matsés Profile: Urbano, Master Hunter & Gatherer

Urbano Pemen Dunú Urbano lives in the Matsés village of Buenas Lomas Antigua with his wife and two children. Urbano is fiercely independent and lives a very traditional life. He is highly skilled in hunting, fishing, climbing and orienteering himself in the dense jungle. Even among Matsés he is exceptional. Most of Urbano’s time is […] Continue reading »

Matsés Profile: Roberto, Matsés Elder & Shaman

ROBERTO TUMI NËCCA UNAN Roberto lives with his family in the Matsés village of Remoyacu. He is gregarious and has an infectious sense of humor. Meeting him one would never guess that as an infant he was captured, along with his mother and sister, from the Kulina tribe. Captive boys typically had a difficult time […] Continue reading »