Far too often, nonprofits are held back from their true potential due to lack of collaboration, communication, or doubling of efforts. We all want to make a difference and serve a greater purpose than is possible working alone. Acaté has formal operating partnerships with the elected Matsés leadership (Junta Directiva Matsés), Peruvian Ministry of Culture, Loreto Regional Government Office (GOREL) of Indigenous Assistance (Asuntos Indigenas), Peruvian National Park Service (SERNANP) and administration of the Matsés National Reserve, and the Peruvian Ministry of Health (MINSA)

Please enjoy visiting and supporting our partners. We look forward to teaming with others as we advance our work to support the self-determination and resilience for indigenous people to protect their way of life, sovereignty, and to protect the splendor that is the Amazon rainforest biome.

Acaté Partners

Xapiri Ground

An indigenous art company based in Cusco, Peru, Xapiri is committed to providing an economic outlet for indigenous communities in the Amazon through developing a global market for their handicrafts and promoting awareness of indigenous culture. In 2015, Xapiri and Acaté partnered to develop the Matsés Traditional Handicrafts initiative. Through this program, timeless ancestral artistic practices are maintained and transmitted to younger generations and much needed economic opportunities are generated for Matsés elders and youth. Click here to purchase Matsés handicrafts to support Matsés artisans. Our collaborations have included Ancestral Transmission and several public exhibitions and galleries provides the outside world an intimate glimpse into Matsés culture and daily life as never seen before.

Irwin Andrew Porter Foundation

The mission of the Irwin Andrew Porter Foundation is to fund innovative organizations that work at the intersection of culture, development and environment through community driven projects that inspire active participation during the project and into the future. Irwin Andrew Porter Foundation has been a close partner of Acaté and instrumental in supporting our Traditional Medicine Initiative and then was a primary funder of the Matsés Indigenous Mapping Initiative.

New England Biolabs Foundation

The mission of New England Biolabs is to foster community-based conservation of landscapes and seascapes and the biocultural diversity found in these places. We recognize that the natural and cultural values of these areas are inextricably linked and that Indigenous Peoples and local communities play a fundamental role in their stewardship.

Nouvelle Planète

Founded in 1986, Nouvelle Planète, is a Swiss non-profit organization that supports rural communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America, empowering people to build better lives and protect their environment. Nouvelle Planète has been a key supporter of Acaté’s education initiatives.

Onaway Trust

Onaway’s vision is for a world where Native Peoples are able to maintain their lifestyles and preserve their knowledge and traditions for a sustainable future.

The Palladium Group

Palladium works with governments, businesses, and investors to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.

World Wildlife Fund

The World Wide Fund for Nature is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1961 that works in the field of wilderness preservation and the reduction of human impact on the environment.

Global Giving

GlobalGiving is a nonprofit that connects donors with grassroots projects around the world. Click here to support Acaté’s project through the Global Giving Network.

ICCA Consortium

The ICCA Consortium is a global non-profit association dedicated to supporting Indigenous peoples and local communities who are governing and conserving their lands, waters and territories. Through this program supported by the United Nations Environmental Program, the Matsés achieved the first ICCA registered indigenous protected territory in Peru.

Center for Amazon Community Ecology

The Center for Amazon Community Ecology’s mission is to promote the understanding, conservation, and sustainable development of human and other biological communities in the Amazon region. The main strategies for achieving our goals are research, community support, and education. These include investigating the ecology and sustainable harvest of non-timber forest products (like resins, fruits and fibers) and assisting indigenous and other forest-based communities to manage and market them to support local development and conservation.

The Chaikuni Institute

The Chaikuni Institute is a non-profit organization and educational hub working for a truly sustainable future for the Peruvian Amazon. Through the union of ancient indigenous traditions with contemporary Permaculture design, The Chaikuni Institute teaches and applies regenerative community-based development practices in Amazonian communities.