Core Values

Ensuring accountability, integrity and transparency

Have you ever wondered where a dollar given for conservation goes, whether it be from a large governmental grant of millions of dollars or an individual donation of $20? A significant amount is allocated for office headquarters, administration, overhead, and professional development conferences at off-site locations. Far too often, little ultimately trickles down to the field where it was originally intended and will have the most impact. This results in unfortunate disillusionment among donors and local participants. Discourse with indigenous peoples often starts with an accounting of past disappointments, broken promises, and questions of ‘where did the funding go?’ from some well-meaning, and even a few – tragically – fraudulent NGOs.

Acaté is setting the new standard among conservation organizations in financial and operational transparency. Copies of all monetary transactions for Acaté always available for review by local communities. Not a dollar or sol of a private donation or foundational grant will remain unaccounted for – that is our commitment to our supporters, staff, and partners for complete operational and financial transparency.

Acaté does not exist for the sake of sitting on the sidelines. We are here to make a true impact on the ground and hope you are too.