Protecting Imperiled Forests

Cordycep fungus growing out of beetle in amazon rainforest

Protecting imperiled forests

Tropical rainforests are disappearing at a rapid rate. These imperiled ecosystems are among the most diverse and biologically-rich regions on the planet, but we are losing them to industrial and small-scale extraction. Supporting indigenous peoples is the most effective and enduring approach for rainforest conservation. Acaté seeks to preserve large sections of these extraordinary forests through true partnerships with their indigenous protectors.

Indigenous Medicine

matse harvesting medicinal resin from rainforest tree photo

Maintaining self-sufficiency and preserving healing knowledge of the rainforest for future generations

Indigenous healing systems are a product of accumulated knowledge of past generations as well as deep ties—spiritual and physical—to the natural environment. Yet, in a world in which environmental and cultural change is profoundly transforming traditional societies, the healing knowledge of the shaman is rapidly disappearing.

Fostering Sustainability

Monkey frog phyllomedusa bicolor Acaté Amazon

Providing for a sustainable future

Indigenous communities and tribes in the Amazon rainforest are increasingly threatened by loss of their territories, resource extraction, and internal conflicts. We collaborate with these communities to strengthen their governance capacities, maintain social cohesion, preserve their cultures, and to find means for improving their livelihoods through food security, traditional medicine, and economic development programs.